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4.0 ( 2560 ratings )

Educore is a mobile learning and content delivery platform catering to:
- K-12 (School Curriculum),
- Olympiads, NTSE and other Talent Exams,
- Competitive Exams like Engg/Med/Banking/MBA and One day exams.

The App is the single source to all your books and content. The app can be downloaded onto the device, and after registering, the user can download the content. The digital content appears on a bookshelf that can be easily navigated. Once downloaded, the content is stored securely on the device, and can be accessed in offline mode.

Educore Salient Features:
- Educore App gives you an easy way to store & access all your digital Educore content on your device, whether you are online or offline.
- If you are a student, all you need to do to access your content is to install the Educore app, enter your credentials, and all your digital content will be listed in the Educore app under your Library. You can then download your books one at a time as you need them, or all at once. Your downloaded books are stored on your device so that you can use them anywhere, anytime – even if you are offline.
- Search inside your books, take notes, bookmark pages of your choice and highlight important information.
- Carry your library wherever you go.